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3.8.2. PMAPI Metrics Description Services

The functions described in this section provide Performance Metrics Application Programming Interface (PMAPI) metric description services.  pmLookupDesc Function

int pmLookupDesc(pmID pmid, pmDesc *desc)
pmDesc* pmdesc = pmLookupDesc(c_uint pmid)
(pmDesc* pmdesc)[] = pmLookupDescs(c_uint pmids[N])
(pmDesc* pmdesc)[] = pmLookupDescs(c_uint pmid)
Given a Performance Metric Identifier (PMID) as pmid, pmLookupDesc returns the associated pmDesc structure through the parameter desc from the current PMAPI context. For more information about pmDesc, see Section 3.4, “Performance Metric Descriptions”.
The python bindings return the metric description structure pmDesc corresponding to pmid. The returned pmdesc is passed to pmExtractValue and pmLookupInDom. The python bindings provide an entry pmLookupDescs that is similar to pmLookupDesc but does a metric description lookup for each element in a PMID array pmids.