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4. Man Pages

The operating system man pages provide concise reference information on the use of commands, subroutines, and system resources. There is usually a man page for each PCP command or subroutine. To see a list of all the PCP man pages, start from the following command:
        man PCPIntro
Each man page usually has a "SEE ALSO" section, linking to other, related entries.
To see a particular man page, supply its name to the man command, for example:
        man pcp
The man pages are arranged in different sections separating commands, programming interfaces, and so on. For a complete list of manual sections on a platform enter the command:
        man man
When referring to man pages, this guide follows a standard convention: the section number in parentheses follows the item. For example, pminfo(1) refers to the man page in section 1 for the pminfo command.