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6. Conventions

The following conventions are used throughout this document:
A brace-enclosed all-capital-letters syntax indicates a variable that has been sourced from the global /etc/pcp.conf file. These special variables indicate parameters that affect all PCP commands, and are likely to be different between platforms.
This fixed-space font denotes literal items such as commands, files, routines, path names, signals, messages, and programming language structures.
Italic typeface denotes variable entries and words or concepts being defined.
user input
This bold, fixed-space font denotes literal items that the user enters in interactive sessions. (Output is shown in nonbold, fixed-space font.)
[ ]
Brackets enclose optional portions of a command or directive line.
Ellipses indicate that a preceding element can be repeated.
All capital letters denote environment variables, operator names, directives, defined constants, and macros in C programs.
Parentheses that follow function names surround function arguments or are empty if the function has no arguments; parentheses that follow commands surround man page section numbers.