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2.3.2. Domains

Each PMDA must be uniquely identified by PMCD so that requests from clients can be efficiently routed to the appropriate PMDA. The unique identifier, the PMDA's domain, is encoded within the metrics and instance domain identifiers so that they are associated with the correct PMDA, and so that they are unique, regardless of the number of PMDAs that are connected to the PMCD process.
The default domain number for each PMDA is defined in ${PCP_VAR_DIR}/pmns/stdpmid. This file is a simple table of PMDA names and their corresponding domain number. However, a PMDA does not have to use this domain number--the file is only a guide to help avoid domain number clashes when PMDAs are installed and activated.
The domain number a PMDA uses is passed to the PMDA by PMCD when the PMDA is launched. Therefore, any data structures that require the PMDA's domain number must be set up when the PMDA is initialized, rather than declared statically. The protocol for PMDA initialization provides a standard way for a PMDA to implement this run-time initialization.


Although uniqueness of the domain number in the ${PCP_PMCDCONF_PATH} control file used by PMCD is all that is required for successful starting of PMCD and the associated PMDAs, the developer of a new PMDA is encouraged to add the default domain number for each new PMDA to the ${PCP_VAR_DIR}/pmns/stdpmid.local file and then to run the Make.stdpmid script in ${PCP_VAR_DIR}/pmns to recreate ${PCP_VAR_DIR}/pmns/stdpmid; this file acts as a repository for documenting the known default domain numbers.