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2.8.3. Configuring PCP Tools

Most PCP tools have their own configuration file format for specifying which metrics to view or to log. By using canned configuration files that monitor key metrics of the new PMDA, users can quickly see the performance of the target system, as characterized by key metrics in the new PMDA.
Any configuration files that are created should be kept with the PMDA and installed into the appropriate directories when the PMDA is installed.
As with all PCP customization, some of the most valuable tools can be created by defining views, scenes, and control-panel layouts that combine related performance metrics from multiple PMDAs or multiple hosts.
Metrics suitable for on-going logging can be specified in templated pmlogger configuration files for pmlogconf to automatically add to the pmlogger_daily recorded set; see the pmlogger(1), pmlogconf(1) and pmlogger_daily(1) man pages.
Parameterized alarm configurations can be created using the pmieconf facilities; see the pmieconf(1) and pmie(1) man pages.