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4.3. MMV PMDA Design

An application instrumented with memory mapped values directly updates the memory that backs the metric values it exports. The MMV PMDA reads those values directly, from the same memory that the application is updating, when current values are sampled on behalf of PMAPI client tools. This relationship, and a simplified MMV API, are shown in Figure 4.2, “Memory Mapped Page Sharing”.

Figure 4.2. Memory Mapped Page Sharing

It is worth noting that once the metrics of an application have been registered via the pcp_mmv library initialisation API, subsequent interactions with the library are not intrusive to the instrumented application. At the points where values are updated, the only cost involved is the memory mapping update, which is a single memory store operation. There is no need to explicitly transfer control to the MMV PMDA, nor allocate memory, nor make system or library calls. The PMDA will only sample the values at times driven by PMAPI client tools, and this places no overhead on the instrumented application.