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4.7.3. Observations and Counters

The pmtraceobs and pmtracecount functions have similar semantics to pmtracepoint, but also allow an arbitrary numeric value to be passed to the trace PMDA. The most recent value for each tag is then immediately available from the PMDA. Observation data is exported through the trace.observe metrics listed in Table 4.4, “ trace.observe Metrics”:

Table 4.4.  trace.observe Metrics

Running count of observations seen since the trace PMDA started.
The average rate at which observations for each tag occur. This rate is calculated over the last sample duration.
The numeric value associated with the observation last seen by the trace PMDA.
Counter data is exported through the trace.counter metrics. The only difference between trace.counter and trace.observe metrics is that the numeric value of trace.counter must be a monotonic increasing count.