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Notes for pmchart users

Users of the original SGI pmchart utility will be immediately at home with the current pmchart. This page discusses two areas where differences are more likely to be noticed by people familiar with pmchart.

Configuration file syntax

pmchart provides the ability to parse and interpret all versions of the original SGI pmchart configuration file language (i.e. versions 1, 1.1, 1.2 and 2.0. In addition, the current pmchart provides it's own configuration file syntax extensions, which both addresses some of the quirkier aspects of the original pmchart language and provides support for features specific to pmchart (Legend Labels and Tabs, for example).

Refer to the discussion of pmchart Views for a detailed description of the configuration language.

Finally, while pmchart will read all versions of configuration files, it does not implement support for writing the older formats - only the latest format is written during a View save operation.

User interface changes

While every effort has been made to keep all of the excellent features of the original user interface, pmchart now provides support for several user interface advances above and beyond those features of the original tool.

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