Performance Co-Pilot

Performance Co-Pilot is a system performance analysis toolkit.


  • Lightweight : Collect performance metrics from your systems efficiently.
  • Distributed : Collate metrics from multiple hosts and a variety of operating systems.
  • Included : Everything you need is already included in the major distributions: Fedora, RHEL, Debian, SUSE, Ubuntu, Gentoo


Analyze systems' performance metrics in real-time or using historical data.

Compare performance metrics between different hosts and different intervals. Observe trends and identify abnormal patterns.


Extend the collected performance metrics in a simple way.

PCP offers a multitude of APIs and libraries to extract and make use of performance metrics from your own application.

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Aug 2018
PCP 4.1.1

Improved archive management, BCC and KVM metric enhancements, Memory Mapped Value metrics label support (name:value pairs). Historical analysis in pcp-dstat and exporting of metrics to Apache Spark via a new pcp2spark utility.

Jun 2018
PCP 4.1.0

A colourful new pcp-dstat utility, building on the dstat legacy. Archive discovery and log tailing APIs. eBPF/BCC PMDA additions - new modules, histograms. Kernel metrics - AIO, interrupts, socket statistics, file locking, OOM, session count metrics. Automatic metadata compression.

May 2018
PCP 4.0.2

Further archive management improvements. New pcp-pidstat process tracking features. Performance improvements and label filtering in the Prometheus PMDA. The nfsclient PMDA rewritten in python. New SMART PMDA for disk health monitoring. Better handling of compressed archives in pmwebd. Numerous important SELinux updates and bug fixes in libpcp.

March 2018
PCP 4.0.1

Archive management improvements allowing fine-grained compression. New shell-based PCP service discovery. New daily reporting utility, pmlogger_daily_report. Scalability improvements and metric filtering in the Prometheus PMDA. The PostgreSQL PMDA now supports up to version 9.6.

Feb 2018
PCP 4.0.0

Metric label metadata. PMAPI refactoring. Recording of labels and help text by pmlogger Several new pmrep analytic and reporting features. Linux kernel, Prometheus, BCC/eBPF and other new and improved metrics. Async client notification of namespace changes.

Oct 2017
PCP 3.12.2

Improvements to SELinux policy via custom PCP package. New Utilities: pcp2elasticsearch, pcp2json, pcp2xlsx, pcp2xml, pcp2zabbix. pmrep enhancements. pmwebd: improved performance, hostname-based naming. python API improvements.