Pre-built Performance Co-Pilot packages and containers can be installed from BinTray

First find the repository and then follow the "Set Me Up" instructions appropriate to your distribution.


Performance Co-Pilot is already included in the most popular distributions (RHEL, Debian, Fedora, Suse, Ubuntu). Here are some instructions to install PCP from your distribution.

Debian / Ubuntu

apt-get install pcp
invoke-rc.d pmcd start
invoke-rc.d pmie start
invoke-rc.d pmlogger start

Fedora / RHEL

yum install pcp
# RHEL 6
service pmcd start
service pmlogger start
service pmie start
# RHEL 7 / Fedora
systemctl start pmcd
systemctl start pmie
systemctl start pmlogger


Direct Install link


Here are the Solaris packages


DMG files


Here are the Windows MSI packages (NB: they are a bit outdated, we're working on it)

Source code

Source .tar.gz files can be found here: PCP source

Git clone from the PCP repository

C++ PMDA interface: git://

Apache Qpid metrics: git://

Java instrumentation: git://

Netflix Vector frontend: git://

Other Javascript frontends: git://

PDF graph converter: git://