We welcome your involvement in the Performance Co-Pilot project! If you have discovered a bug, or wish to see a specific new feature, please report that in one of the github issue trackers associated with the PCP organization sub-projects.

You can follow work that others are actively engaged in using the interactive roadmap which also shows when upcoming releases are scheduled.

We are greatly interested in any efforts to expand the scope of the available performance metrics with new agents, to port existing performance tools to the PCP APIs, and to develop new clients to consume and display performance data delivered over the PCP APIs.

It is highly recommended to join the mailing list and Slack or Libera Chat IRC #pcp channel.

Please refer to the file in the PCP source tree for further information. You are also encouraged to read the FAQ before posting on the mailing list.

Mailing lists

General user and developer discussion:

Announcements of new releases and similar information:


You can chat directly with the PCP developers on the #pcp IRC channel on the Libera Chat network, or via our Slack team.


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    All artist profits from the sale of PCP merchandise are used to fund continued development and support.
  • You can also donate directly via our not-for-profit OpenCollective.